Cranial-Dental Integration

Modern dentistry can have a powerful impact on cranial function
(see S.O.T. & Craniopathy). Yet, many dentists do not realize the potentially negative effects certain treatments can have on many other body systems, especially the brain. Often, dental co-management is necessary to effectively restore balance to our cranial function.

Dr. Lepp works closely with select dentists, trained in cutting-edge, revolutionary approaches in oral care. These approaches may include: Advanced oral orthotics (splints), sleep devices, orthodontics, restorations, general dentistry, and other specialized procedures.

Much like cranial-dental dysfunction, disturbances in vision, and disrupted input from the eyes to the brain can also have harmful effects on your body's functions. To address issues of this nature, integrated care with developmental optometrists, as well as functional neurological treatments have proven extremely effective.

Dr. Lepp provides in-depth cranial-neuro examinations and evaluations in order to make the proper referral to the best experts as appropriate for your specific case.

Dr. Lepp featured on the Functional Neurology Minute Podcast.
An interview with Dr. David Lepp about Orthodontics, Cranial-Dental Integration and the Brain.

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